"6pm to 9pm" is the fifth episode of the third season of Slasher. It aired on May 23rd 2019.

Plot Edit

Hanson and Singh attempts to find the identity of the killer while Violet Lickers' blog led herself and Joe to become targets of outrage and revenge.

Synopsis Edit

Noelle Samuels, a woman who was dating Kit at the time of his murder, holds a public memorial for Kit and is afterwards harassed by her ex-boyfriend Wyatt. Shortly afterward, she is attacked by the Druid, tied upside down from a tree branch and has her throat slashed, bleeding into a trash bag covering her head. It is shown that 10 months before, Violet started her vlog, which began the deterioration of her relationship with Joe, and started his relationship with Angel. Hanson and Singh investigate Greenberg's apartment, where Hanson has a standoff with Violet. While shopping for the solstice party, Saadia and her friends are once again harassed by Charlie. Violet receives a present: a doll dressed as the Druid, as well as a note inviting her to meet the sender, who suposedly has information about the Druid. Dan receives a message implying Angel killed Cassidy. Joe seemingly convinces Violet to leave town, and tells Angel they can be together after Violet is gone. When he tries to tell her about his plans with Angel, she seemingly forgives him and seduces him, only to film this and later send it to Angel, which causes him to reject Joe. Joe attempts to confront Violet over this, but when he returns to their apartment, they are both captured by the Druid. Saadia, Connor and Jen force Dan to buy them vodka, and later dress up for the party. Meanwhile, after Noelle's body is discovered, Hanson and Singh find out from pictures of the party a year ago that Kit's murder was not planned, that Noelle and Kit were together that night, that Wyatt stalked Noelle, and Wyatt and Noelle broke up shortly before the murder. The Druid attempts to force Violet to stab Joe in the crotch, but she refuses. It is revealed Violet posted the video of Justine's suicide, and refused to take it down despite Joe's objections. Hanson and Singh confront Wyatt, and arrest him after finding a costume and bloody knife in his apartment, which leads to him proudly confessing to having killed Kit and Noelle. The Druid stabs Joe in the crotch several times, killing him, then forces Violet to record a video condemning herself and her website, before stabbing her in the head with a knife.

Death(s) Edit

Victim Cause of Death Background
Noelle Samuels Hung from a tree and throat slit Kit's current girlfriend; also killed by the Druid who is revealed to be her ex-boyfriend Wyatt and attack Kit in the first episode a year later out of jealousy.
Joe Lickers Stabbed repeatedly in the crotch Became involved to the current attacks due to his wife's exploitive personal blog website a year ago and cause their relationship to detoriate.
Violet Lickers Stabbed in the head After the first attack at the apartment, she built her website to cover her personal crime scene investigations. She also posted her video of Justine Rijkers' suicide in her blog despite her husband's protests.

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