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"9pm to 12pm" is the sixth episode of the third season of Slasher. It aired on May 23rd 2019.


At the summer solstice party, the Druid stalks on the partygoers while someone instigate a violent confrontation in the basement between Angel and Dan.


Saadia, Connor and Jen attend the party. Angel is insulted by Dan after attempting to offer condolences while taking out his trash. After he leaves, Amber steals his razor from his garbage. Hanson and Singh attempt to interrogate Wyatt, but he is uncooperative and only reiterates that he murdered Kit. At the party, Charlie's insensitive comments cause Saadia to remember bombings in Afghanistan, and she lashes out. Dan has a dream about Cassidy, and finds an email telling him Wyatt is not the killer, and the real one is in a room in the basement of the building. When he leaves his apartment, Amber enters it and steals some hair from a comb. In a flashback to ten years before, it is shown that Dan was poor and raising Cassidy by himself, with no help from anyone, and after Saadia's family came from Afghanistan and were immediately offered assistance, he looked for "who helps white people?" online, which began his racist beliefs. In the present, Angel gets an email seemingly from Dan, telling him to meet in the same room Dan was sent to. At the party, Charlie antagonizes Jen, while Connor and Saadia become closer by conversing about death and Saadia's past. Angel and Dan arrive in the room, and are locked inside after each accuses the other of leading him there. A flashback reveals that a year ago, Dan called in noise complaints about Jen and Connor's mother and stepmother's arguments, and Angel refused to help them. In the present, Angel and Dan realize they are trapped and become angrier with each other. At the party, Saadia goes to the bathroom, where she is once again harassed by Charlie. After she leaves, the Druid arrives and kills him by shoving a blade down his throat. Saadia returns to the party and asks to go home, which Connor agrees to. Angel and Dan argue and come to blows, with Angel beating Dan until eventually a gas is released into the room, knocking both unconscious. Hanson and Singh, unable to connect Wyatt to any of the other murders, decide to return to the apartment building and question the residents. Angel and Dan awaken in the room with their faces glued together.


Victim Cause of Death Background
Charlie Impaled down the mouth with a large blade Murdered from an act of marginalization to Saadia and Jen.


Saadia and Connor grew closer to each other.

this episode Marks the Death of Charlie.

it was revealed that Kit Jennings died a year ago.

there was a second Solstice Party.

Saadia got into a fight with Charlie causing her to slap him the fight was broken up by Connor.