Ada Pavlovik is a minor character in the first season of Slasher.

Background Edit

Not much is known about her apart from that she attended school with Brenda, Ronald and Sonja. She was hinted to be only a casual acquaintance of the group, and wasn't initially invited to attend prom with them until after Brenda and Ronald's tryst. Brenda was booted from the group and Ada was instead invited to come along to prom in her place. Of all the people carpooling to prom Ada was the most remorseful about Brenda's exile from the group and showed the most loyalty to her friends which is what made the prom night accident harsher in hindsight.

The Prom Night Accident Edit

In 1968, Brenda Merrit dropped a cinder block on a car that was about to drive under the bridge she was standing on with the intention of hitting Sonja, the driver of the vehicle, as revenge for exiling her from the group. However she missed, and the block that was meant for Sonja instead hit Ada causing her to spend the rest of her life in a vegetative state.

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