Alan Henry is a minor character in the first season of Slasher. He is portrayed by Rob Stewart.

Background[edit | edit source]

Alan is a priest working for a local church in Waterbury. He was Bryan Ingram's friend and present during his and Rachel's murders. Although he managed to survive, he was left with a long scar along his cheek. Many years later, Alan became a priest and eventually Tom's own religious consult.

Alan and his wife Suzanne Henry are the parents of Cameron Henry.

Throughout the season, and especially after episode eight, Alan becomes increasingly suspicious towards his son. He starts to notice how close he's getting to Sarah Bennett and his lack of grief towards his late wife June Henry. Especially since she was only killed killed three months prior.

Alan Henry's death.

After this Alan finds Cam's box of Executioner souvenirs, inviting him the church to talk about it. Alan tells him that he knows the truth about the Executioner, confessing to loving him and worrying about himself being a good father. After Alan tells him to repent, he strangles Alan while crying, exclaiming that " one else needed to die."

History[edit | edit source]

When Alan was young, he and Bryan were in the market of selling various sex tapes that Rachel stared in. With Tom advocating against prostitution at the same time, even having a considerable amount of traction due to being a priest. However, Bryan made a plan to blackmail Tom by having Rachel seduce him and record them while they're being intimate.

While Alan had no real involvement in this plan, he was still responsible for distributing and selling the tapes Bryan was making. So while he wasn't as "guilty" as the other two, he was still marked for his involvement in their actions

Eight years later, we find that Cam (as a child) suffered from bedwetting and sleepwalking. Upon meeting his parents about it in the middle of the night, Cam's mother Suzanne begins emotionally abusing Cam, initially it's by getting angry at his sleepwalking habits, but after finding he's also wet himself she threatens him with diapers for all his friends to see and laugh at.

Full of resentment, Cam pushes Suzanne down the stairs, killing her in the process. Alan grew concerned with Cam's actions but left him alone since he underestimated the amount of impact that event had on him.

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