Alison Sutherland is a minor character in the first season of Slasher. She is portrayed by Mayko Nguyen.

 Background Edit

Alison is the publisher of the Waterbury Bulletin and Dylan Bennett's boss. She attempts to use her skills as a reporter to find out the truth about the Executioner, but usually gets undermined by Dylan.

It's revealed that Alison published in the Bulletin false evidence that Benny Peterson (Heather's husband, who physically beat both his wife and daughter) abducted Ariel, along with messages suggesting he was sexually interested in his daughter. Which drove Benny to take his own life.

Alison is the sixth of the Executioner's victims representing the sin of greed - where she was kidnapped, had her throat slit, then her entire head was cut off and placed into a fast food deep fryer.

Relationships Edit

Dylan Bennett Edit

Dylan and Alison share a totally platonic working relationship. However, Alison sometimes feels that Dylan is better than her when it come to their jobs, and is seen to make irrational and dangerous moves in order to be the very best. This is universal thinking for her is evident from the way she calls out the Executioner, and how she plants false evidence (leading to Benny Peterson's suicide) just to keep her job alive.

Lisa-Ann Follows Edit

When Lisa comes to Waterbury, Alison wants nothing more than her attention. But after being pushed aside due to her unresponsive nature during the first of Lisa's interviews, she becomes desperate for her attention and asks for a private meeting with a serial killer - and when Dylan comes to confront her about how dangerous the idea is, Alison taunts him saying that he wished he thought of it first.

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