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Amber Ciotti is a minor protagonist in the third season of Slasher. She is portrayed by Joanne Vannicola.


Much of her history is unknown. Before she suffered a psychotic break, she was married to Justine and was the stepmother to Conner and Jen.

Whilst living at the Clayborne Apartments, her and her family were unhappy with how they were treated. After Kit died, Justine posted a video talking about how she was glad he was dead. Due to it being retweeted, the family began to be harassed constantly. It caused Justine to break down and kill herself. Amber then retreated into herself, suffering a psychotic break.

Physical Appearance[]

She has short cropped hair. She usually is seen wearing a sweatshirt.


Before her mental breakdown, she was supportive of Justine, despite how the other tenants treated her. However, at one point, she had had enough, and lashed out. Justine killed herself shortly afterward, causing her to suffer a mental breakdown. Though she blamed Connor, it is possible she truly blamed herself.

After her breakdown, she became unpredictable. Though she loved her stepchildren, she acted insane, and was kept in the apartment building and watched over by them as a result. She was unable to move on from Justine's suicide and the events around it, as she pretended to reenact the suicide (with water) and later stole items from the trash of the residents and supposedly "cursed" them, calling on the Druid to kill them. It is unknown whether she believed this was occurring, or knew Connor and Jen were behind the murders.


After having another psychotic break (or possibly coming to her senses), Amber tried to untie Saadia and tell her to get the police. Since this would have caused Connor's arrest, Jen stopped her, and killed her by repeated stabbing, blaming her for her outburst which caused her mother's suicide (which Amber denied, blaming everyone else).


  • After being made supervisor of the building, she began rooting through the residents trash.
    • She has a shrine of the entire building with things she collected from each person. She claimed that she cursed the bad people and called upon the Druid.
    • She was stabbed to death by Jen Rijkers in 3am to 6am
  • Amber is the first character in the series to make an appearance in two seasons of the show.


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