Andi's corpse.

Andi Criss is a main protagonist in the second season of Slasher. She is portrayed by Rebecca Liddiard.

Background Edit

Andi is the second of the Camp Motega Killer's victims. After finding Talvinder's decaying body tied up to a pair of trees, Andi was knocked out and awoke with each of her four limbs tied down to posts. Seconds later, the killer walks up and stabs each side of her neck, allowing her to bleed out on the snow.

History Edit

Years ago when the resort was still called Camp Motega, Andi and her colleagues worked there as counselors.

During that time, Andi and the rest of the team met a girl called Talvinder Gill, a new counselor at Camp Motega. And with her appearance, things began to fall apart.

Talvinder influenced and orchestrated many of the events that led up to her murder. Soon, they had enough, to which Talvinder was lured out to the middle of the forest with drinking and partying and was killed by accident. Her body was hidden underneath collection of large rocks and boulders and wasn't found until years later.

Andi was revealed to have committed one of the final acts towards Talvinder, beating her skull in with a large rock.

Appearances Edit

Season 2

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