Angel Lopez is a main protagonist in the third season of Slasher. He is portrayed by Salvatore Antonio.


Twenty years before the events of season 3, he was in the boys locker room changing when an older jock dropped his towel and approached him to invite him to a party. When doing so, Angel tried to not look at the guy's crotch. Unfortunately he wasn't successful and when others joined the locker room, the guy freaked out. This resulted in the jock turning on him and the other jocks began to attack him with wrapped towels, leaving marks on his back.


After being tricked into going to the basement where he met Dan Olenski, and their faces were stapled together. Once finally removing themselves from each other, Angel learned that the furnace was roasting the dead bodies of Joe Lickers and Violet Lickers. When Connor returned, he held him into the furnace, causing him to suffer fatal burn injuries on his arms. This resulted in his death.


When the Jalalzai moved in, he wore a pride t-shirt.



  • He is a Gay Activist.
  • He has a drug hook-up.


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