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Antoine's death.

Antoine is a minor protagonist in the second season of Slasher. He is portrayed by Christopher Jacot.


Antoine is the fourth of the Camp Motega Killer's victims. In the third episode, "Saint Sebastian", Antoine goes into the garage with a gun, only to find that Talvinder's body is missing.

After being hit by an ice auger and falling onto the floor, the Camp Motega Killer forcefully approaches him - dropping the auger onto his torso, and through his stomach. The killer then begins using the auger, ripping his body apart and killing him.

Later on the the episode, it's revealed that the killer dismembered his body and mixed it in with the pork meat to feed to the campers. Renée; Antoine's wife, discovers this after seeing his tattoo on a slab of meat Glenn is cooking.

The other parts of his body are left in the same wooden container Talvinder's remains were left in, discovered by Renée and Mark in episode four "Night of Hunters".


Antoine had stumbled across Talvinder's corpse and told Renee he didn't want the corpse to be found because his DNA is on it and it would ruin the land sale.