Ironside's death.

Benny Ironside (also known as Glenn Morgan) is a main character in the second season of Slasher. He is portrayed by Ty Olsen.

Background Edit

Benny, masquerading as Glenn Morgan, is a member of We Live as One and has been for several months before the events of Guilty Party.

After being revealed as 'Benny Ironside' by Noah, Benny kidnaps him and hides him in a bus further out in the woods where he sexually abuses him.

After Benny tries to kill Noah and he escapes, everyone assumes that Benny is the Camp Motega Killer. And so after he tries to kill Renée and Judith, supposedly to cover his tracks, Renée shoots him (non-fatally) and ties him up.

Later on he's tortured by Renée (as the Camp Motega Killer killed Antoine; Renée's life partner), and is killed after she cuts his throat.

 History Edit

It's revealed in Night of Hunters that Benny has been to jail before, and while serving time he is introduced to Glenn Morgan, a new inmate who initially disregards Benny's advice and warnings. But eventually the two become quite close.

After several months, Glenn is released and makes his way to a place called Tamarind Bluffs. Shortly after, Benny is also released and finds his way there as well, to which Glenn is surprised to see him.

Glenn tells Benny that he intends to join a small community called We Live as One. Benny is initially skeptical of the group but decides to go with Glenn anyway.

After a while, Glenn expresses to Benny that he's sick and tired of the life he's trying to leave behind, and wants Benny gone. This hurts Benny, and attempts to reconcile their relationship with a kiss. But Glenn tells Benny that the (clearly) sexual relationship they shared wasn't entirely consensual.

This is the last straw for Benny, who in a fit of rage and denial, kills Glenn by beating him against his camper van and repeatedly punching him.

Benny takes Glenn's camper van and drives the rest of the way to We Live as One. Introducing himself as his former lover - Glenn Morgan.

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Glenn Morgan Edit

As suggested in Night of Hunters, Benny and Glenn's relationship was entirely one-sided. Benny had actually fallen in love with Glenn and assumed that Glenn felt the same way. But after Glenn's abrupt admission of not loving Benny - seeing their relationship as solely due to a mutual benefit (while in prison), Benny became enraged and killed Glenn by beating him to death.

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