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Cam's death.

Cameron Henry is a main character in the first season of Slasher. He is portrayed by Steve Byers.


Cam grew up in an emotionally abusive home, with his mother, Suzanne Henry, disciplining him for sleepwalking with a pigs mask and wetting himself.

One night, Suzanne got especially angry which caused Cam to push her down the stairs, killing her. Cam's father, Alan Henry, grew concerned with Cam but left him alone due to underestimating the amount of impact that event had on him.

Cam and Sarah Bennett spent time as children together, becoming friends at a very early age. Cam developed intense feelings for Sarah at this point, and was distraught after Sarah left Waterbury.

Between then and thirty years later, Cam became a police officer for Waterbury and married June Henry, an ex-medical examiner.

Upon Sarah's return, Cam decided to don the mask of the Executioner and cleanse the town of all of it's filth by targeting those who he considered having committed one of the Seven Deadly Sins of Man.


Sarah Bennett[]

During their first interaction in thirty years, Cam welcomed Sarah back with open arms. But after the murder of his wife, June Henry, Cam acts bitter and resentful towards Sarah for weeks afterwards. After grieving, Cam becomes remorseful and cooperates with her in order to catch the Executioner. It's from here that their relationship blossoms.

However, this surface level act is not how Cam truly feels. It becomes evident in Soon Your Own Eyes Will See that Cam since childhood has harbored an unnatural infatuation and obsession with her, bordering on psychopathic. Evidently, his plan to break up Sarah and Dylan almost succeeds, but after his true nature is revealed to her she's disgusted— further worsened when she finds that Cam was the Executioner the entire time.

June Henry[]

June and Cam's relationship wasn't very stable as June had previously cheated on him with Trent McBride. She later admitted it and was murdered by Cam as the Executioner. Despite this, he did appear anguished at the news of her death and again when identifying her body though he may have been pretending to feel upset by her death so as to not arouse suspicion.

The Executioner[]

The Executioner originated as the disguise for Tom Winston's to murder Rachel Ingram and Bryan Ingram (Sarah Bennett's parents). After being sent to jail, the Executioner name was lost.

However, in combination with the Executioner's laws of vengeance and righteousness, and his father's history in biblical teachings, Cam took it upon himself to "cleanse the town" and kill those whom have committed the seven deadly sins of man.

The identity of the copycat Executioner remains a mystery until the last episode of season one where Cam is revealed to be the serial killer.


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