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Cassidy E. Olensky is a secondary character in the third season of Slasher. She is portrayed by Genevieve DeGraves.


Cassidy is a popular high school student who is rebellious and promiscuous. She is the daughter of Dan, who is known as an aggressive alcoholic with racist beliefs. Both live in apartment 108.



Dan Olensky (Father)

Cassidy's mother died when she was young, thus leading to her father Dan having to raise her by himself. Eventually, Dan began directing his anger over no one willing to help them toward the minorities, specifically the Jalalzai family, causing him to neglect Cassidy. Due to this, she became resentful of her father.

Despite this, she appeared to have some of her father's beliefs, to the point of accusing Saadia's family of having killed Frank Dixon. However, it is unknown if she actually had her father's racist beliefs or if she hated Saadia because she knew that Saadia's family arriving was the reason her father began to neglect her.


Killed by The Druid in 6am to 9am

Cassidy is revealed to have stolen her phone in order to video chat a hook up with another man at the girl's washroom. As she prepares to go back to her classroom, she notices that someone is inside when hearing the sound of liquid pouring. Thinking it was student who embarrassed themselves, she playfully taunts the person before attempting to leave, to which she realises that the door is locked and they are trapped inside. As she begins to shout for help, the other person in the bathroom is revealed to be the Druid, who grabs her and drags her to one of the toilets.

The Druid grabs her head and begins to submerge it in the toilet, which is revealed to be full of hydrochloric acid when it burns her necklace. She screams for help, attempting to fight back but the Druid repeatedly dunks her head in the acid, causing chemical burns to her face. Eventually, her face is completely submerged into the acid until it corrodes. The Druid then drops her dead onto the floor before walking away.

It is later revealed that the Druid hid her body in the ventilation in the girls washroom alongside Saadia's phone which Cassidy had stolen earlier that day. Her body isn't discovered until 3pm to 6pm by Roberta Hanson when her body falls from the ventilation onto the floor.


  • In 6pm to 9pm it is revealed that Cassidy has a criminal record dated from September 9, 2017. It is unknown what the offence was.
  • She was the popular mean girl.
  • She is the daughter of Dan Olensky.
  • She was murdered by the The Druid in 6am to 9am
  • She was the ex girlfriend of Kit Jennings who cheated on her.
  • She was one of the people who witness Kit's passing.
  • Her dead body was later founded by Roberta Hanson.
  • She got into a physical fight with Saadia
  • She was the The Druid's second victim of the series.