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Clayborne Apartments is a fictional apartment complex that is the setting of Season Three of Slasher.

Physical Appearance[]

Whilst the inside of each apartment are unique, the hallways has a combination of pink and green. It has pink paint on the bottom half of the walls and wallpaper that has a pink backdrop. On the wallpaper there are trees that look like they are painted similarly to hand-painting.

There are multiple floors, (as revealed by the apartment numbers starting with either a 1 or a 2) with the basement holding the furnace. There is a side door to the basement on the outside of the building.


Known Apartments:[]


  • It is unknown who the landlord is.
  • The Rijkers family have keys to all the apartments, since Connor is the superintendant.
  • It is assumed that Xander lived in the same apartment as Amy since they called each other "Partners".
  • It is assumed that there are others who lived in the building but are never seen.
  • It is unknown if Saadia's brother Ferhan ever lived in the apartment building.
  • Of the residents the people outside of Saadia and Dan Olenski to survive were Kate and Erica Dixon and Saadia's family.
  • In a flashback in Midnight to 3am, Frank and Kate Dixon are shown living in Apartment 201. However, in 9am to 12pm, it is shown that they live in Apartment 212. On the board at the police station, Frank is also listed as living in Apartment 212. It is possible the family switched apartments after Justine's suicide.