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Connor Rijkers is the main antagonist in the third season of Slasher. He is portrayed by Gabriel Darku.


He is siblings with Jen Rijkers, and the son of Amber Ciotti and Justine, his education background and status is unknown. He is supposed to be the superintendant of Clayborne Apartment where all the killings happened. While living at the apartment, his late mother Justine was attacked online by keyboard warriors due to a very insensitive tweet she posted, due to this and Amber stressing her out even more, she decided to set herself in flames and kill herself. After Conner's mother's tragic death, he regret not doing anything to stop her and started feeling suicidal, luckily, Jen comforted Conner and managed to stop him from jumping down from the apartment's rooftop.


While throwing the organs and body parts of the dead people that were murdered in the apartment, Dan Olensky and Angel Lopez decide to try and surprise attack Conner, They both attack Conner, but then Conner pushes Dan over the tray and pushes Angel away before struggling with Dan and grabbing a hold of the axe that was used in the murders to attempt to hit Dan with it, accidentally getting it stuck on the tray, Angel then comes from behind and pushes Conner down on the tray, trying to choke him to the death. Conner then grabs onto Angel's injured face, pushing him away. Dan grabs a hold of a shovel from the back while Conner grabs the axe once again, Conner then turns around only to get hit in the face by Dan with the shovel. Conner dodges Dan's next hit and slices his arm with the axe. Angel then runs at Conner to tackle him into the furnace and pushes his head into the furnace, only to lead to both their deaths.

Murders committed[]