Dan Olenski is the main protagonist in the third season of Slasher. He is portrayed by Dean McDermott.


Not much is known about his life before he was married and had Cassidy. What is known, however, is that his wife died when Cassidy was little, prior to when the Jalalzai family moved in.

After learning from Angel Lopez that the other residents were all trying to help them out, he was annoyed as he wasn't getting any help whilst being a single parent.

It was then that he got involved in White Right Now: A Manifesto for All White Patriots.



It is unknown what he was like before his wife died, but afterward, he became bitter over no one helping him raise his daughter, and became hateful of minorities, especially the Jalalzai family, who received help he believed should have been his. He deeply disapproved of his daughter's promiscuity, Regardless of this, he still loved her, though he didn't often show it.

After his daughter's death he briefly became more bitter. However, after beating the Druid and cooperating with Angel and Saadia to do so, he showed respect to both, as he closed Angel's eyes and old him he did well, and refused to abandon Saadia, implying he has started to let go of his racism.


  • He is a drunk.
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