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Dan F. Olensky is a main character in the third season of Slasher. He is portrayed by Dean McDermott.


Dan is an aggressive alcoholic with racist beliefs. He is the father of Cassidy and both live in apartment 108 of the Clayborne Apartment building.



Cassidy Olensky (Daughter)

Cassidy's mother died when she was young, thus leading to her father Dan having to raise her by himself. Eventually, Dan began directing his anger over no one willing to help them toward the minorities, specifically the Jalalzai family, causing him to neglect Cassidy. Due to this, Cassidy became resentful of Dan.

When Dan is shown Cassidy's corpse, he is shown to be vulnerable for the first time and breaks down into tears. This further fuels his anger towards his neighbours, as be believes that no-one is genuinely remorseful for what happened to his daughter. Later during the night, he has a vision of Cassidy coming back home and he remembers all the good moments they shared.