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Dawn Dugin is a main protagonist in the second season of Slasher. She is portrayed by Paula Brancati.

Dawn is one of the only survivors of the Camp Motega Killer's victims.



Years ago when the resort was still called Camp Motega, Dawn and her colleagues worked there as counselors.

During that time, Dawn and the rest of the team met a girl called Talvinder Gill, a new counselor at Camp Motega. And with her appearance, things began to fall apart.

Talvinder influenced and orchestrated many of the events that led up to her murder. Soon, they had enough, to which Talvinder was lured out to the middle of the forest with drinking and partying and got severely injured while running from Dawn and her friends. Not wanting to go to jail over this, Dawn decided that Talvinder had to die so she couldn't tell the police about the incident. Her body was hidden underneath collection of large rocks and boulders, and Dawn framed Owen Turnbull for the murder of Talvinder, again to escape any punishment. This act led Owen to commit suicide.

Dawn was the second person to hit Talvinder with a rock, supposedly to make sure they were all accountable. Even encouraging Noah to do the same.


Season 2