Vaughn's death.

Iain Vaughn is a minor antagonist in the first season of Slasher. He is portrayed by Dean McDermott.

Background Edit

Iain is the Chief of Police for the Waterbury Police Department, who uses his resources to catch the Executioner and evidently, to keep Sarah and Cam from finding Ariel Peterson.

He is the ninth of the Executioner's victims, representing the sin of lust - where he was knocked out, and placed inside a crematorium furnace, burning him alive.

History Edit

Sometime after Trent and June left Ariel on the night of her disappearance, an off-duty Iain picked her up in his car. Telling Ariel she should sober up first, Iain drove past the Peterson home, later pulling to the side and raping Ariel. In the years that followed, Iain kept Ariel as a concubine, imprisoning both her and Jake, the son they conceived together, in a room-sized safe in his basement (a room that, it is suggested, not even Iain's wife had access to).

Relationships Edit

Iain and Nancy have been married for an undisclosed number of years. She is aware of Iain's involvement in the Ariel Peterson disappearance, and does nothing to stop him. It's unknown if she supports them, but regardless, it's assumed that Nancy has no other involvement other than her awareness.It is hinted that for not having a child is the possible cause as to why their marriage is broken

Ariel Peterson Edit

On the night of Ariel's disappearance, Iain picked her up meaning to bring her home, but after feeling attracted to Ariel (because of her comments about his heroism) he raped and kidnapped her.

Years later, Ariel and Iain have a son named Jake. Iain cares about the two, but is prepared to kill both of them to keep his secret from coming out.

Appearances Edit

Season 1

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