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Jen Rijkers is a deuteragonist in the third season of Slasher. She is portrayed by Mercedes Morris.


Jen attends high school with her best-friend Saadia Jalalzai, with the two secretly planning to attend the annual Solstice Party with Saadia's parents away for her brother's graduation. But after the Druid's killings, Jen and Saadia become apprehensive until Jen's brother: Connor Rijkers, convinces them to go.


Jen and Connor once lived with their two mothers, Justine Rijkers (their biological mother), and Amber Ciotti (their stepmother). Further family relations are unknown.

While living at the Clayborne Apartments, they were treated harshly by Dan Olenski though mostly unbothered. However, after Justine posts a picture of Kit's body alongside the quote, "You reap what you sow", the family are berated online and tormented even further by fellow residents of Clayborne, and students at Jen's school.

It wasn't until several months later when Justine Rijkers commited suicide by self-immolation. A month after her death, Connor threatens to kill himself by jumping off the top story of their apartment. However, Jen manages to talk him down. At some point afterwards, both Jen and Connor plan to use the Druid persona to kill everyone in Clayborne.