June Henry is a minor character in the first season of Slasher. She is portrayed by Jessica Sipos.

Background Edit

Around the time of Ariel Peterson's disappearance, she and Trent McBride worked as paramedics for Waterbury Hospital. It turns out that she and Trent met Ariel on the side of the road while in an ambulance. Not wanting to fill out the paperwork for treating her, the two checked to see if she was okay and left.

She is the fifth of the Executioner's victims, representing the sin of sloth - where she was knocked out, then left in a field sedated and covered in honey - supposedly to be eaten by animals.

While June was actually eaten by animals, the most likely cause of death was actually respiratory failure (due to the IV she was connected to continuously administering paralytics).

Relationships Edit

Cam Henri Edit

The relationship between June and Cam is vague, but it's suggested that June loved Cam very much. As Cam was revealed to be the Executioner, it's safe to assume that Cam wasn't emotionally invested in June the way he is with Sarah. Whether or not the marriage was used as an alibi during the course of the killings is debatable.

Sarah Bennett Edit

It's suggested that the relationship between Sarah and June is a little tense due to June's jealousy of her and Cam (her husband) being childhood friends.

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Season 1

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