Kit Jennings is a supporting character in the third season of Slasher. He is portrayed by Robert Cormier.


Not much is known about Kit's childhood. Kit lived alone in the Clayborne Apartments. As he didn't have a job, it is unknown how he was paying rent on the apartment. However, Violet Lickers did refer to him as a "rent boy", though it is unclear if this was true. In "3pm to 6pm", his memorial was shown, which included letters to the Jennings family, making it also possible that his family paid his rent.


He had tattoos on his upper body.


Kit was addicted to both sex and drugs. He enjoyed having a good time. However, his inability to hold down a job, as well as his willingness to have sex with everyone, unwilling to be in a committed relationship, made him disliked by most people, especially men. Kit was either oblivious to this dislike, or didn't care.


After spending the night drinking and doing drugs, he hooked up with multiple people at the party. He then left the part and began to drunkenly walk home. As he did so, he was followed by Wyatt dressed up as The Druid. As he walked, Kaili Greenberg drove by, but refused to drive him home the rest of the way. The druid reached him before he got inside the building and stabbed him two times in the gut, causing him to bleed. He began screaming for help, to no avail, so he limped inside to the back stairwell and through the apartment halls. It wasn't long before he reached the Olenski home and tried to get Cassidy to let him inside. When she saw Kit's stab wounds and the Druid behind him, she refused. Reaching his apartment, he hoped to get away but his key was missing. He was then stabbed repeatedly in front of his apartment door. Kit ran to a drunken Dan Olenski, who refused to help him and spotted the killer chasing the younger man.

When he made his way outside, he was accidentally hit by Amy Chao's car. Between the stab wounds and the hit from the car, Kit died of his injuries.


  • He slept with Cassidy Olenski whilst with Angel Lopez.
  • After chatting with Amy, he got his own virtual reality headset in white.
  • Kit liked to leave a key to his apartment above the door. Everyone knew about it whilst only some had used it.


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