Lisa-Ann Follows is a minor character in the first season of Slasher. She is portrayed by Enuka Okuma.

Background Edit

Lisa-Ann came to Waterbury after the story of the Executioner picked up. Wanting to work along side the Waterbury Bulletin, Lisa-Ann ended up working collectively with Dylan Bennett and Alison Sutherland in order to find out the story of the Executioner both from thirty years ago and today.

Relationships Edit

Dylan Bennett Edit

Lisa-Ann and Dylan's relationship gets closer as the season progresses, even sharing a kiss during In the Pride of His Face (Season 1 Episode 7). However, Dylan protests after this realizing that he cares for Sarah.

Alison Sutherland Edit

Alison and Lisa-Ann have a complicated relationship. While Lisa-Ann doesn't care much about Alison's feelings and emotions, Alison attempts to get her attention after feeling embarrassed after their live interview - even calling out the copycat Executioner in order to get golden footage to impress Lisa.

Appearances Edit

Season 1

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