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Lisa-Ann Follows is a minor character in the first season of Slasher. She is portrayed by Enuka Okuma.


Lisa-Ann came to Waterbury after the story of the Executioner picked up. Wanting to work along side the Waterbury Bulletin, Lisa-Ann ended up working collectively with Dylan Bennett and Alison Sutherland in order to find out the story of the Executioner both from thirty years ago and today.


Dylan Bennett[]

Lisa-Ann and Dylan's relationship gets closer as the season progresses, even sharing a kiss during In the Pride of His Face (Season 1 Episode 7). However, Dylan protests after this realizing that he cares for Sarah.

Alison Sutherland[]

Alison and Lisa-Ann have a complicated relationship. While Lisa-Ann doesn't care much about Alison's feelings and emotions, Alison attempts to get her attention after feeling embarrassed after their live interview - even calling out the copycat Executioner in order to get golden footage to impress Lisa.


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