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Renée is a minor protagonist in the second season of Slasher. She is portrayed by Joanne Vannicola.


Renée is the seventh of the Camp Motega Killer's victims. In the episode Drone, Renée asks Mark to accompany her to a small cabin after she overhears someone say something they shouldn't know.

After getting there, she finds a bunch of files about all of the counselors in Camp Motega -- including Owen Turnbull, or Wren as we know him.

When she discovers this, she takes the files and runs outside only to encounter The Camp Motega Killer. Who has knocked Mark unconscious by hitting him with the snowmobile they were riding and has taken the gun.

The killer shoots at Renée and hits her twice in the torso. They then get back on the snowmobile and eventually catch up to Renée as she has fallen due to her injuries. Taking Wren's folder from her, the killer gets back on the snowmobile and runs Renée over -- killing her in the process.


Antoine had stumbled across Talvinder's corpse and told Renée he didn't want the corpse to be found because his DNA is on it and it would ruin the land sale.

A few years before, she mentioned how her family owned the camp land.