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Robin Turner is a tritagonist in the first season of Slasher. He is portrayed by Christopher Jacot.


Robin Turner and his husband Justin Faysal own a real estate company in Waterbury. After Justin's death, Robin discovers under the table dealings and shady business that Justin was wrapped up in - and is forced to sell most of his and Justin's property in order to pay the overwhelming debts Justin accumulated.

Robin was thought to have been the second of the Executioner's victims, as he was attacked with pair of knives that cut through his wrists. He managed to escape the Executioner and was sent to the Waterbury Hospital with protective detail. However, it's revealed that attacking Robin was a distraction in order to reduce the personnel attending Justin's party - who was the actual target.


Justin Faysal[]

Robin and Justin have been married for an undisclosed number of years. With gay marriage legal in Waterbury, they have been together for quite a long time.

It's suggested that the relationship is rocky however, as evident from the webcam interaction Robin shared with another man - supposedly to exchange sexual interactions.

Robin is distraught over Justin's death, and hesitates to leave his and Justin's possessions behind when Trent McBride comes to him about a debt Justin owed. However, he manages to get over it with the help of Sarah and other residents of Waterbury.

Sarah Bennett[]

Robin and Sarah become close friends throughout the duration of the first season. Having her initially sympathies with him over Justin's death, the two end up sharing a lot of pain that the Executioner is causing.


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