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Saadia Jalalzai is the main protagonist in the third season of Slasher. She is portrayed by Baraka Rahmani.


Saadia attends high school with her best-friend Jen Rijkers. Incidentally during this years Solstice Party, Saadia's mother and father decide to visit her brother's graduation ceremony. This leaves Saadia and the other residents alone with The Druid. As this killer begins their spree, it becomes increasingly apparent that they're only targeting the residents of the Clayborne Apartment.


Saadia's extended family all lived together in Afganistan, with Saadia's grandfather even inviting rebels to stay with them. However, this caused the military at that time to target the Jalalzai family as terrorists -- killing everyone and burning their corpses. Luckily enough Saadia's mother, father, and brother were away and came back to find Saadia as the sole survivor.

Eventually they all imigrated from Afganistan, and ended up in the Clayborne Apartment. Saadia and her family are initially welcomed into the complex however after Angel Lopez, another resident at Clayborne), begins asking other residents for donations for the Jalalzai family, this causes Dan Olenski to question why they get help and he doesn't, and later to adopt racist beliefs -- targetting the Jalalzai family specifically.


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