Sarah Bennett is the main protagonist in the first season of Slasher. She is portrayed by Katie McGrath.

Background Edit

An artist, Sarah returns with her husband, Dylan to Waterbury - the town she was originally born in. After getting settled down, she becomes the proprietor of her own art gallery. She has encountered the copycat serial murderer, The Executioner, several times since her arrival and with the police not appearing to be of any assistance, sets out to find how and why the slayings are occurring. 

Creator Aaron Martin has described Sarah as more of a Nancy Drew type than that of a classic "final girl" commonly found in horror films.

History Edit

Sarah Bennett was cut out of her mother womb by The Executioner (who at the time was Tom Winston). After staying at the scene of the crime, police came in and found him cradling Sarah in his arms. After being jailed for the crime, Brenda Merrit (Sarah's grandmother), ended up caring for her.

Thirty years later, she returns to the town, and consequently the house where her parents were murdered by the Executioner. As she begins to settle in, thinking of their home in Waterbury to be the chance for a new life, another person taking up the Executioner name begins killing people as according to the seven deadly sins of man.

With the entire town harbouring secrets, it's only a matter of time before they come out... Only a matter of time before the Executioner hears about it...

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Season 1

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