Slasher Season 3 (Solstice) is the third season of the horror anthology television series Slasher. The season contains 8 episodes which premiered as a "Netflix Original" title on May 23, 2019. Unlike the previous seasons, Solstice is going to be directed entirely by a single director - Adam McDonald.[1] The third season follows a killer known as "The Druid" who targets on witnesses to a murder in an apartment complex a year ago.


Solstice took place over a 24-hour period during the summer solstice in the present year and focuses on the current residents who settled at the Clayborne Apartment building during the first anniversary of the death of tenant Kit Jennings after he attended a party on his way to the building where he died when he was attacked by "The Druid".

When the killer resurfaces and began targetting the residents involved to the previous incident who are victims of oppression, discrimination and marginalization harboring respective hidden motives from their past, police detective Roberta Hanson and her partner Pujit Singh solve the pattern behind the Druid's killings that may have drawn connection to first attack and the reason the killing spree looms.


Main CastEdit


  • Rebecca Amzallag as Beth
  • Robert Cormier as Kit Jennings
  • Ishan Davé as Det. Pujit Singh
  • Genevieve DeGraves as Cassidy Olenski
  • Tiio Horn as Coroner Lucie Cooper
  • Jefferson Brown as Wyatt
  • Patrice Goodman as Justine Rijkers
  • Marie Ward as Kate Dixon
  • Dalal Badr as Farishta Jalalzai
  • Saad Siddiqui as Azlan Jalalzai
  • Romy Weltman as Erica Dixon
  • Paniz Zade as Noelle Samuels
  • Landon Norris as Charlie


The third season released as a "Netflix Original" title in various countries on May 23, 2019.

Episodes Edit

Episode # Title Directed by Written by Original release date
1 "6am to 9am" Adam MacDonald Aaron Martin May 23, 2019
2 "9am to 12pm" Adam MacDonald Lucie Pagé May 23, 2019
3 "12pm to 3pm" Adam MacDonald Duana Taha May 23, 2019
4 "3pm to 6pm" Adam MacDonald Ian Carpenter May 23, 2019
5 "6pm to 9pm" Adam MacDonald Matt MacLennan May 23, 2019
6 "9pm to 12am" Adam MacDonald JP Larocque May 23, 2019
7 "Midnight to 3am" Adam MacDonald Ian Carpenter May 23, 2019
8 "3am to 6am" Adam MacDonald Ian Carpenter May 23, 2019

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