Slasher Season 2 entitled Guilty Party is the second season of the horror anthology television series Slasher. The season contains 8 episodes which premiered as a "Netflix Original" title in various countries on October 17, 2017. Filming for the second season began on May 1, 2017 in Orangeville, Ontario, Canada.

The second season is centered on a group of former summer camp counselors who return to an isolated campground in order to bury their sins of the past, before being targeted, one by one, by an unknown killer.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Slasher's 8-episode second season revolves around more than one protagonist this time, Peter Broome, Dawn Duguin, Noah Jenkins, Susan Lam, and Andi Criss. The story follows these five men and women as they attempt to keep a dark secret they've hidden. Years ago as camp counselors for Camp Motega, they killed Talvinder Gill - another counselor on the team and hid her body in the woods.

But due to a changing circumstance, they must return to the camp in the dead of winter to keep their secret from being found out. Deep in the snow-covered wilderness, the run-down camp has now become a private spiritual commune, cut-off from civilization by weather, wilderness, and choice. Before long, the group and the commune members find themselves gruesomely targeted by someone – or something – out for horrific revenge. The location’s isolation starts to wear on relationships and exposes surprising secrets; as the winter weather worsens, so does the killer’s grisly spree. As blood and secrets spill across the vast and snowy wild surrounding the camp, the mismatched group must not only try to escape the killer’s retribution, but also survive the deadly elements.

Cast[edit | edit source]

Main Cast[edit | edit source]

Recurring/Guest[edit | edit source]

  • Jefferson Brown as Gene
  • Kyle Buchanan as Simon
  • Luke Humphrey as Glenn Morgan
  • Dean McDermott as Alan Haight
  • Simu Liu as Luke
  • Sophia Walker as Megan McCalister
  • Jon McLaren as Ryan
  • Kimberly-Sue Murray as Janice

Broadcast[edit | edit source]

The licensing rights for the second season was acquired by Netflix and was released as a "Netflix Original" title in various countries on October 17, 2017.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Episode # Title Directed by Written by Original release date
1 "Six Feet Under" Felipe Rodriguez Aaron Martin October 17, 2017
2 "Between Good and Evil" Felipe Rodriguez Jana Sinyor October 17, 2017
3 "Saint Sebastian" Felipe Rodriguez James Hurst October 17, 2017
4 "Night of Hunters" Felipe Rodriguez Story by : Aaron Martin

Teleplay by : Naledi Jackson

October 17, 2017
5 "Out of the Frying Pan" Felipe Rodriguez Lucie Pagé October 17, 2017
6 "Drone" Felipe Rodriguez Floyd Kane October 17, 2017
7 "Dawn of the Dead" Felipe Rodriguez Amanda Fahey October 17, 2017
8 "The Past is Never Dead" Felipe Rodriguez Aaron Martin October 17, 2017

Triva[edit | edit source]

  • In the first season of Slasher, Sarah Bennett alludes to the second season by saying that she and Cam once went to Camp Motega - adding that Cam was also a counselor at some point.
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