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Talvinder Gill is a protagonist in the second season of Slasher. She is portrayed by Melinda Shankar.

She is only seen in flashbacks and could be considered a secondary antagonist.


It is unknown what in Talvinder's past to cause her personality before going to be a counselor at Camp Motega. On her first day, she had orientation with Andi and met Andi's boyfriend Peter. After watching them kiss, she develops a crush on him. They bond at that night's movie night when she is a third wheel on their date. Despite this, she still keeps after him and begins seeing him in secret.

In the course of the summer, she befriends more of the group. Noah develops a crush on her, which she uses to her advantage when she tricks him into constructing tents that she is supposed to set up, claiming she had something else to do. It is later learned that she just wanted to join some of the other counselors in getting drunk in the woods.

She and Dawn grew close to the point that Dawn had been talking about the two of them getting a place together. However after Peter began to go back on promises made to her (such as him not dumping Andi, since he wanted to try to get it to work), she decided to ruin any chance of happiness for Dawn and another counselor, Ryan.

Whilst growing close to most of the group, Susan is the only one to see through her. She tried to get the girl to like her, but when it didn't work, she destroyed their 'Fortune Teller' booth so as to alienate Susan from the friend group. It is then that Susan reveals to Andi that Peter was hooking up with Talvinder.


The afternoon of her death has the gang getting her drunk. They then tricked her into the woods to put her on trial. First person to have a go at her was Andi. Andi doesn’t blame Peter, which Tal uses against her. Then it was Susan's turn and she calls her nothing. Dawn then took her time to hurt Talvinder by telling her that they wouldn't even be friends. Peter, instead of telling Tal that she was bad, took the time to apologize instead to Andi. When Tal turned to Noah, he just looked at her.

Later after they declare that she had to spend the night alone in the woods, she tried to blackmail them into taking her back to camp, angering Noah, so he tried to forcibly remove her clothes which was stopped by Peter. She then ran off, causing the group to run after her into the woods. In the course of the run, she trips and hits her head. Whilst unconscious, Peter approaches and believed that she was dead. It upset everyone so they decided to move her, hiding her in a cave. When its revealed that she wasn't in fact dead, Susan runs off. Talvina told Peter she loved him which angered Andi, which she then smashed her head with a rock, followed by Dawn, and lastly Noah whilst Peter watched.

After her Death[]

Not much is known about her family, other than the fact they don't know that she was dead. The counselors all make up lies about her whereabouts before placing the blame on another counselor, Owen Turnball, who had a crush on her.

Her bones, however were not a secret. They were first found by Antione, who moved her so they could still go through the land sale. He revealed this to Renée who wasn't happy that he wouldn't call the cops.

The removal of her bones later was learned by her killers when they return to the camp in hopes of moving the bones themselves before the resort would be built.

The killer managed to know that they had moved the bones as they were put on top of a burnt Noah, which stuck to him before he died of his wounds.


Talvinder was a manipulative 20 year old , who preyed on people to get them to like her. Once they trusted her and told her secrets, she began to use the secrets against them to get her way. She also used people's feelings against them to get out of doing work. When her schemes came to light, she pretended to be remorseful which is then seen through.

Secrets Known[]

  • Susan outted Marcy Rae, a girl at her school, who ended up committing suicide after being outted as a lesbian.
  • Dawn had a relationship with her step-father after turning 18 in order to get back at her mother.
  • Andi had to sell drugs in order to pay for her tuition.



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