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Talvinder Gill is a character in the second season of Slasher. She is portrayed by Melinda Shankar.

Although she is only seen in flashbacks, one could consider her the main instigator of the events in Season 2.


Talvinder's past is largely unknown prior to her employment as a Camp Motega counselor. But after starting work at Motega five years prior to the events in Slasher, she quickly befriends all the other counselors- except Susan, who's initially very wary of her.

During a slasher movie, Andi, Peter, and Talvinder sit together to watch. Soon after, Andi leaves which prompts Talvinder to start making advances towards him (despite knowing Andi and Peter are dating). Meanwhile, Talvinder continues to befriend the other counselors- especially attempting to garner Susan's approval.

But when that doesn't work, Talvinder tears down her 'Fortune Teller' booth and blames the destruction on her- turning everyone against Susan. So in order to prove her innocence, Susan leads Andi over to a secluded space only to find Talvinder and Peter having sex. It's around the same time as this that Noah starts taking an interest in her, to which she takes advantage of to get out of work.

As Talvinder starts to get comfortable in her role at Camp Motega, she and Dawn begin to ignite a close friendship- close enough to warrant discussions about them moving in together when they leave Motega. But tides begin to shift when Peter (still in his secret relationship with Talvinder) refuses to break-up with Andi at the end of the summer.

Hurt by the prospect of being second-best, and not wanting Dawn to leave her for a serious relationship, Talvinder takes out her frustration on Dawn by sabotaging her relationship with Ryan; the counselor she's is in love with. It's at this point where all three girls begins to plan Talvinder's trial.

Talvinder's Trial[]

The evening of Talvinder's death starts with all five of the counselors getting her drunk at an impromptu party set at the edge of the woods. After leading her deeper into the forest, they reveal their intentions with a ritual-like setup- forcing her to stand there and listen to the problems she's created.

After the speeches, they all turn back intending on leaving Talvinder by herself. But after connecting with almost everyone in the group, Talvinder reveals that she's accumulated various blackmail on all of them. Threatening to expose all of their secrets if they don't take her back. After Noah calls her out for not having anything on him, she antagonizes him which causes him to freak out. After jumping off the truck, Noah begins to tear Talvinder's clothes off before he's stopped by Peter.

Shocked by the attack, Talvinder runs away into the woods with the group chasing after her before tripping and hitting her head. Whilst unconscious, Peter approaches and believes that she's dead. But not wanting to be arrested, the group collectively agrees to hide her body in a small cave. Before they can put her body inside however, she regains consciousness and begs for help.

Susan leaves while Talvinder crawls away and after a brief argument, Talvinder professes her love for Peter which upsets Andi- causing her to pick up a rock and hit her across the head with it. After a moment Dawn picks up the same rock and hits her as well. But even after the second hit Talvinder isn't dead so Noah picks it up once again and makes the final blow.

Postmortem Events[]

As previously iterated, Talvinder's life before Camp Motega is almost entirely unknown. Though since her body was never recovered, her parents were unaware she had been killed- only that she was missing. After reports of Talvinder's disappearance began to surface, all five counselors coordinated their stories to match so that they wouldn't be found out. They decided that someone had to take the fall for her death, and so they placed the blame on a colleague of theirs; Owen Turnbull, another counselor at Camp Motega who had previously tried asking Talvinder out on different occasions.

Talvinder's body remained undisturbed for three years before Antoine and Renée bought the land once belonging to Camp Motega. Upon discovering her body however, Antoine moved her corpse to another secure location so that he could proceed with the land sale.

It's during the events of Slasher Season Two that Talvinder's body is later moved, when the Camp Motega Killer returns to the site in hopes of finding the remains and taking it for themselves. In doing this, they hoped that the resort would be built around it. As events progress, the remains are left before being placed by the killer on top of Noah's corpse.


Talvinder initially is a sweet and caring person, wanting nothing but to befriend all the people in her vicinity. However, it quickly becomes clear that she's actually a cruel, selfish, and highly manipulative individual. Talvinder quite obviously has the capacity to love and care for others; as evident in her proclamation of love for Peter during her final moments, or the lengths she took to move in with Dawn. But her desire to be at the center of people's lives supersedes everything else.

It's this duality that allowed her to collect information and use it against people if necessary. She was able to use Noah's feelings for her to get out of work, and befriended then blackmailed her 'friends' into complying with her demands. It was only until Noah, someone who she couldn't blackmail, began hurting her that Talvinder lost her composure. Although conniving and deceitful, Talvinder is completely unprepared in the face of real danger.



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