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"The Camp Motega Killer" is the main antagonist of the second season of Slasher.


The Camp Motega Killer begins their killing spree when the five counselors of Camp Motega return. Back then it's unknown if the killer stayed at the lodge waiting for them, or was there purely by coincidence.

After several murders, it's revealed that the killer isn't just killing them, but has isolated them from the outside world by siphoning the snowmobiles of their gasoline, as well as purposely severing the communication lines. They may have killed Gene first due to him being the only one there that could navigate home safely.

With no help from the outside world, the residents at We Live as One and the five counselors attempt to survive the killer as well as the harsh elements. Two common themes of the killer's methods is the use of snow based tools and related deaths, as well as the use of irony.


It's revealed in the final two episodes, (Dawn of the Dead and The Past is Never Dead) that Wren is the killer. It's turns out that five years ago, Wren was also a counselor for Camp Motega, and had an unhealthy obsession for Talvinder. After her death however, Wren was found possessing some of Talvinder's jewelry. Leading the police to believe that he was the one that killed her.

Having no other evidence, Wren was sent to jail where he wrote letters to his mother explaining his situation, before ultimately he hanged himself.

With that said, it's revealed that the Wren we're all seeing isn't real - and that Judith had been hallucinating him this entire time. We come to believe that Wren (real name, Owen Turnbull) was actually Judiths son.

Judith tries to make Wren stop, confessing her love for him right after seeing him murder Mark, but it's not until the truth is revealed that Judith gives in and allows him to kill everyone except Keira.

Wanting to get revenge on the people who killed her son, Judith ended up creating the Wren persona in order to kill them without having the burden on her shoulders.


Victim Cause of Death
Gene Chainsaw attack to the sternum and then the remaining viscera are used to decorate a snowman.
Andi Criss Tied down to the ground and then sliced down, both major arteries on the neck, bleeding out to death. Shown from above the blood spray gives the appearance of wings.A dead snow angel.
Susan Lam Eyes gouged out with a steel pipe and her neck snapped.
Antoine Impaled with auger, dismembered.
Megan McCalister Poisoned with poison ivy berries, head trauma from falling down stairs.
Noah Jenkins Burned alive
Renée Shot in the chest, then ran over with a snow mobile.
Mark Rankin Shot in the head.
Janice Shot in the chest and back.
Peter Broome When given the choice between his life and Kiera's, he hangs himself to save her.


  • In Season 1 episode 7 Sarah explains that was once sent to Camp Motega by Brenda, thus meaning season 1 and 2 take place in the same universe.