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The Executioner is the main antagonist of the first season of Slasher.

He is portrayed as a masked figure wearing a medieval-style outfit (leather hood, black robe) identical to one worn by the killer of Sarah Bennett's parents, Tom Winston.


On Halloween (October 31st 1988), Tom Winston visited the house of Rachel and Bryan Ingram disguised as the Executioner, killing them both and injuring Alan Henry.

By pretending to be Alan, Tom was able to gain entry to the house before stabbing Bryan through the torso using a machete. He managed to catch Alan, giving him a scar on the left-side of his face before letting him escape. It wasn't until Rachel heard the commotion and saw Tom dragging Bryan's body through the lounge that she tried to escape as well.

But after slipping on Bryan's blood, Tom had managed to corner her as well by shutting and locking the front door. Tom then took his mask off and revealed himself to Rachel, before threatening to kill her. However she manages to stop him for the time being by telling him that she's pregnant with his baby.

Taken aback by this news, Tom hesitates for a moment before resuming— cutting Rachel's abdomen open and stabbing her through the throat into the floorboard. He then carved baby Sarah out of Rachel's womb and coddled her until the police arrived to arrest him.

Twenty-eight years later, after Sarah returns to Waterbury with her husband Dylan, a person dressed in the same attire Tom once did begins killing Waterbury residents. Starting with Verna McBride of whom is slowly dismembered in her own home, bleeding out in the process. With another killer in Waterbury dressed as the person that killed her parents, Sarah decides to follow the story by consulting with Tom— the original Executioner.

It's Tom that immediately recognizes the similarities between the crime and the Seven Deadly Sins, telling Sarah that the punishment for wrath is to be dismembered alive. With Sarah finding Peter McBride's body after the Executioner sends her a letter, they find that Verna had killed him and hid his body, presumably because of Peter's infidelity— proving Tom's theory.

It's not until the deaths of multiple residents of Waterbury that the police force begins to side with the "Seven Deadly Sins" theory. Officer Iain Vaughn starts out as the main opposing opinion in that regard, as he doesn't want to trust the word of a convicted felon until it becomes apparent that these murders are indeed following the pattern, into which Vaughn begins deciphering the clues himself, even offering Sarah protection from the person behind the killings.


The Executioner (Cam Henry) managed to kill nine people during his time as the Executioner, however only one of the deaths wasn't premeditated, and that was his father Alan Henry. He did this after Alan found out that Cam was the Executioner in order to keep his secret safe. His mother, Suzanne Henry, was also killed by his hands, however it was when Cam was a child, before the Executioner.

Sin Committed Victim Cause of Death
Wrath Verna McBride Hand and feet severed with a large hunting knife, bleeding out
Gluttony Justin Faysal Snorted rat poison that was mixed in with his cocaine
Envy Brenda Merrit Foot chained to two cement blocks which are then thrown into lake forcing her to drown.
Sloth Trent McBride Chased and shot at until he falls into pit, snakes dropped onto him, biting him
Sloth June Henry Left in field sedated and covered in honey, eaten by animals
Greed Alison Sutherland Decapitated with large hunting knife (Head found in restaurant deep fryer)
Lust Iain Vaughn Burned alive in crematorium
Pride Tom Winston Falls onto buzzsaw with it going through his torso and back