Trent's corpse.

Trent McBride is a Recurring Character in the first season of Slasher. He is portrayed by Jefferson Brown.

Background Edit

Around the Time of Ariel Peterson's. He and June Henry worked as Paramedics at Waterbury Hospital. It turns out that he and June met Ariel on the side of the road while in an Ambulance. Noticing that she was Drunk asked Ariel if she was okay and told her to go straight home because he was not willing to fill out the necessary paperwork and treating her after their 18 Hour shift.

He is the fourth of The Executioner's Victims, representing the sin of sloth - Where he was chased down and shot at until he fell into a pit and hurting his leg. Snakes were then dropped onto him, biting him and killing him.

Relationships Edit

June Henry Edit

June and Trent were Former Partners Five Years before the Events of the First Season. They were also The last known people to see Ariel Peterson before she Disappeared. It was Believed that June still had some feelings for Trent during the Events of Season one.

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Season 1

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