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Verna's corpse.

Verna McBride is a minor character in the first season of Slasher. She is portrayed by Mary Walsh.


Verna and her husband Peter McBride were the next door neighbors of Rachel Ingram and Bryan Ingram, the couple that was murdered by the Executioner in 1988.

A nosy and judgemental woman who "hates PDA", she was widowed sometime between the death of the Ingrams in 1988 and the present day, when their surviving daughter took up residence in the family home.

It is suspected that she murdered her husband after discovering he was cheating on her and taking part in their -now deceased- neighbor's sex tapes.

She is the first of the new Executioner's victims, being tied up in bed, and having her hands and feet cut off at the wrists and ankles, her death representing the sin of Wrath.



She was married to Peter McBride until the time of his death. And she had a nephew named Trent McBride, presumably through her husband. Both she and her nephew were victims of the second Executioner.