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Violet Lickers is a minor antagonist in the third season of Slasher. She is portrayed by Paula Brancati.


Most of her history is unknown, however it's evident that she and Joe have been married for a while. As she doesn't have a job outside of her vlogging career, it is stated that Joe is the one paying for it..


She is usually seen holding her cell phone as she filmed everything.


She is vindictive and obsessed with her video logs (vlogs) and her fans.


As she was packing, she heard music so she figured Joe was home. She left her bedroom to see him sitting down in the living room. Unaware of him being gagged and tied up, Violet walked further into the room where she was ambushed by the Druid. After some monologue, and with the Druid wanting her stab Joe, she was forced to make another video of herself reading the Druid's script, further being killed on camera (Stabbed through the top of the head) by the Druid.


  • She says on one of her blogs that she is an "Ally" after someone posted a video of Joe and Angel having sex.
  • She is the wife of Joe Lickers.
  • She posted the video of Justine's suicide.
  • She was stabbed in the head by The Druid in 6pm to 9pm.
  • Her and Joe's body where burned in the furnace.
  • She was rivals with Angel Lopez.
  • She is a Journalist.