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Xander Lemmon is a minor protagonist in the third season of Slasher. He is portrayed by Jim Watson.


Not much is known about his history before his relationship with Amy Chao. It is assumed that they live in the same apartment together as Amy introduced him as her "partner".


Xander is a dark haired man in his late 20s to early 30s with a large moustache and his usually seen wearing suspenders.


Xander was proud of his products, frequently stating that they were organic. However, this was a scam to cover up the fact that at least some of them were not, at the very least the coleslaw and possibly the milk.

Xander was also jealous of Kit Jennings flirting with Amy, to the point of breaking into his apartment looking for evidence of an affair, and not letting him in after he screamed for help.

Xander was also frustrated by Amy's asexuality, though he appeared to still love her.


While working in the back of his store, the Druid entered, picking up a glass cylinder filled with coffee beans and pouring them out on the floor. A terrified Xander attempted to flee but the Druid bashed his face against the wall several times. The Druid then stabbed him in the face repeatedly with the glass cylinder before using it to pour boiling water down his throat.


  • His death is the only one filmed for others to see.
  • He didn't like talking on the phone, something Amy had told the police.
  • He was the boyfriend of Amy Chao.
  • He witnessed Kit having sex with Cassidy.